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Buses to once again roll across Sellwood Bridge

by KOIN 6 News Staff, koin.com - December 1, 2016

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PORTLAND, Ore. — It’s been 12 years, but TriMet buses will once again cross the Sellwood Bridge beginning Monday.

Bus service was suspended in 2004 to help extend the life of the Sellwood Bridge, at that time 79 years old. But construction on the new Sellwood Bridge began in 2012, and now, bus service will be rolling across again.

Read the full story at KOIN 6.

Slayden-Sundt joint venture finish Sellwood Bridge

by Jules Rogers, Pamplin Media - November 22, 2016

On Wednesday, the busiest two-lane bridge in Oregon will be officially complete.

A decade in the making, the new Sellwood Bridge is the largest project Multnomah County has ever taken on, estimated at $325 million — much more than the amount of the Sauvie Island bridge, which cost $43 million.

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Traffic relief may be on the way as Sellwood Bridge construction wraps up by Christmas

by Catherine Van, KATU News - November 18, 2016

PORTLAND, Ore. - Construction on the Sellwood Bridge is nearing an end after five years of commuting headaches for drivers and cyclists.

The state's busiest bridge sees more than 30,000 cars a day, but even during off-peak hours, headlights and bumper-to-bumper traffic are all you can see for the next three miles of the bridge.

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New Sellwood Bridge: Sealed above, restored below

By David Ashton, The Bee - October 28, 2016

In late September, and right through October, work continued on the Sellwood Bridge project.

After moving concrete “Jersey barriers” from the north side of the bridge to the south edge, strips of pavement were left unprotected. On the weekend the bridge was closed, September 24-25, crews spread sealant over the previously unprotected areas.

“The sealer that crews use on the concrete bridge deck is called ‘methacrylate’,” Multnomah County project spokesman Mike Pullen informed us.

The two-component, rapid-curing, high-molecular-weight methacrylate is called a “crack healer/penetrating sealer”. “It seals superficial cracks to keep out the water that can freeze and expand cracks,” Pullen explained.

As the project approaches its ultimate end, one of the last bridge-related projects is well underway, pointed out Pullen, on a tour of the site with THE BEE

Read the full article on The Bee's website.

Army of ants takes out traffic signal near Sellwood Bridge

By KATU.com Staff, KATU.com - October 19, 2016

An army of ants took out a traffic signal near Sellwood Bridge twice this week.

According to PBOT officials, the sign's control signal at SE Tacoma and 6th Avenue was infested by ants.

Workers have cleared the ants and added ant traps, and as of Wednesday morning, the signal was up and working again.

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Hungry goats help clear river trail by Sellwood Bridge

By KATU.com Staff, KATU.com - September 26, 2016

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PORTLAND, Ore. – A herd of hungry goats is munching through on the blackberry bushes along the Willamette River under the east side of the Sellwood Bridge.

The goats are devouring the invasive blackberry plants and other underbrush for a riverside trail that starts at the south end near the Portland Rowing Club and will end up at the new Sellwood Harbor condominiums, Multnomah County official said.

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Sellwood gets new gateway, bridge art

By Lyndsey Hewitt, Portland Tribune - August 11, 2016

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Tearing down the old Sellwood Bridge to make way for the new has gotten creative juices flowing.

By month’s end, workers will begin installing 23 multicolored sculptures on the east approach to the Sellwood Bridge, providing a new gateway to Southeast Portland.

In addition, two Sellwood residents came together to repurpose remnants of the old bridge, creating crafts that are being sold to benefit Sellwood Middle School.

Final work on the new bridge is near completion, with all construction expected to end Nov. 16.

Read the full article on the Portland Tribune's website.

Caution: Sellwood Bridge milestones ahead

By Pamplin Media Group, Portland Tribune - August 5, 2016

Multnomah County has released a tentative construction schedule for the remainder of the Sellwood Bridge project. All of the dates are still subject to change, but drivers should be aware that:

• The southbound ramp from the west end of the bridge to Highway 43 is expected to open on Aug. 29. That will allow drivers to turn left from the bridge toward Lake Oswego and West Linn, instead of having to drive north on Highway 43 to the turnaround point at Taylor’s Ferry Road. The permanent traffic lights at both ends of the bridge are also expected to be activated on Aug 29.

Read the full article on the Portland Tribune's website.

“Counterpoint” at Gallery 114

By Jon Gottshall, PDX Magazine - August 1, 2016

The Sellwood Bridge is Portland’s southernmost Willamette River crossing. The old span, built in 1925, was a narrow, industrial-era structure. High up on its piers, it nevertheless had an uncomplicated, slender beauty as it angled through the trees of the river’s west bank.

We’ve known the old bridge was doomed for a long time now. It was never anchored to the bedrock when it was built, and as the western bank shifted, the bridge went dangerously out of plumb. In the time I’ve lived in Portland, the bridge went from handling trucks, buses and cars, to just buses and cars, and finally, only cars were allowed over.

Plus, its narrow sidewalk was a terror to every cyclist and pedestrian who had to meet halfway across.

Knowing its days were numbered, I began to photograph it. Working at my favorite time to think visually—after 10pm—I became intimately familiar with this broken giant.

See a preview of the Gallery and read the full story at PDXMagazine.com.

Sellwood Bridge on Schedule for November Ribbon-Cutting, But Slightly Over Budget

By Kristian Foden-Vencil, OPB - July 31, 2016

The Sellwood Bridge is open again, after paving this weekend.

But commuters will have to wait until Thanksgiving before it’s completely finished.

The old green steel that used to be the Sellwood Bridge has been cut into a half dozen pieces. Most of it is now on barges waiting to be taken away.

Work will soon start on an art project. Multnomah County spokesman Mike Pullen said it’ll be a series of 23 statues, each about 14 feet high.  

Read the full story on OPB's website.

Sellwood Bridge will be closed Thursday through Sunday for paving

By KGW Staff, KGW.com - July 27, 2016

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PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Sellwood Bridge will be closed Thursday through Sunday for paving.

In preparation for the construction project, two lanes of Highway 43 will be closed near the bridge Wednesday night from 7 p.m. until Thursday morning. One lane will remain open in either direction.

The Sellwood Bridge will close at 6 a.m. on Thursday morning and is scheduled to reopen Sunday morning. The east approach to the bridge and westside interchange ramps through Highway 43 will be paved by contractors.

Read the full article on KGW.com.

"You can buy pieces of the old Sellwood Bridge"

By Keely Chalmers, KGW - July 11, 2016

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Sellwood community is making sure the original Sellwood Bridge is not forgotten.

Inspired by a piece of the Berlin Wall she was given as a gift, Rachel Ginocchio came up with the idea to sell pieces of the old Sellwood Bridge.

She asked the contractors who were demolishing the bridge if she could have some of the leftover rubble.

"They said sure yes let’s do that," she said. "I went to the local hardware store, I got buckets, I brought them down and they filled with them rubble and rebar and brought them to my porch."

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Sellwood Bridge closure will impact traffic for several days

By Carly Kennelly, KOIN 6 - July 11, 2016

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The Sellwood Bridge will close to drivers for four days beginning at 6 a.m. on Thursday, July 14. The Bridge will reopen no later than 6 a.m. on Monday, July 18. Bicyclists and pedestrians will still be able to cross the Sellwood Bridge during the closure.

Read the full article on KOIN's website.

Work Gets Heavy on Sellwood Bridge Project

By Staff, SUNDT - June 15, 2016

Pieces of Portland, Oregon history are being shipped down the Willamette River to find new life. The Slayden/Sundt Joint Venture has started removing massive steel truss spans from the old Sellwood Bridge, which opened in 1925, and transporting them via barge 10 miles downriver to a plant for recycling.

The joint venture team has been working with its subcontractor, an independent design firm and the owner’s design team for more than six months planning the “shoofly” removal. Before the removal could start the team had to add strengthening to the temporary piers and truss section at specific locations to counter the forces applied to the remaining sections during lowering.

Read the full article on SUNDT's website.

VIDEO: Time-lapse chronicles first 5 years of Portland’s Sellwood Bridge construction

By Equipment World Staff - June 14, 2016

Since 2011, Multnomah County, Oregon, has been working to replace the Sellwood Bridge, a historic span in the Portland area that opened in 1925.

The time-lapse video below chronicles the first five years of construction of the new Sellwood Bridge. The project replaces the 90-year-old, 300-foot span with a 1,976-foot steel arch design that is wider and more seismically sound. In fact, the new bridge is designed to withstand both 500 and 1,000-year recurrence period earthquakes.

See the full video on Equipment World's website.

Further ‘clean up work’ will delay west-side Willamette River path opening

By Michael Anderson, BikePortland.org - June 14, 2016

The new path north of the west landing of the Sellwood Bridge opened briefly Tuesday morning, but then was re-closed and will remain closed for a matter of weeks.

Multnomah County spokesman Mike Pullen said in an email to BikePortland Tuesday afternoon that “some clean up work” is still needed after all, forcing the path to close.

Read the full article on Bike Portland's website.

Workers taking down old Sellwood Bridge

By Christine Pitawanich, KGW - June 3, 2016

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A piece of Portland history is coming down. Workers will start dismantling the Sellwood Bridge on Thursday.

The bridge is something of an icon for many Portlanders.

“It's been there forever and it was there when I was going to Lewis and Clark College and I really like looking at it. It's just like an old statue,” said Carol Kaplinger, a Portland area resident.

Read the full article on KGW.com.

Hawthorne, Sellwood bridges close for the weekend

By KOIN 6 News Staff, KOIN 6 - May 20, 2016

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2 Portland bridges will be closed for construction and repairs.

The Sellwood Bridge is closed from 7 a.m. Friday through 6 a.m. Saturday for construction. The bridge will be closed to cars, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Read the full article on KOIN 6.

Sellwood Bridge to close for weekend construction

By Elliot Njus, The Oregonian - April 13, 2016

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The Sellwood Bridge will close to auto traffic Saturday morning for construction work, but should reopen in time for the Monday morning commute.

Multnomah County said Tuesday it needed to close the bridge to remove temporary framing used to shape the bridge's concrete construction. Though the framing materials are below the bridge, they have to be lowered by cranes on the bridge deck.

Read the full story on OregonLive.com

Sellwood Bridge Closing Again - But Just for a Weekend

By Colin Miner, PortlandPatch - April 1, 2016

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If you've gotten used to the new Sellwood Bridge being open, get ready for it to be closed again.

That's the word from Multnomah County.

The weekend of April 16-17, the bridge will be closed to motor vehicle traffic so workers can set up cranes on the lower deck to allow more construction.

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Sellwood Bridge bikeway design still in flux

By Jonathan Maus, Bike Portland - March 9, 2016

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The final design of the bike lanes on the new Sellwood Bridge might not be what you expected. And that’s good or bad news depending on your perspective.

It turns out the bike lanes could be a different color and size than initially planned.

Read the full article on BikePortland.org

Drone captures sweeping view of Sellwood bridge, old and new (video)

By Teresa Mahoney, Oregonian - March 1, 2016

Portland aerial videographer and photographer, Clifford Paguio, captured a bird's-eye-view of the Sellwood bridge, old and new, via drone.

Watch on OregonLive.com

10 things that are happening as Sellwood swaps out bridges

By Andy Giegerich, Portland Business Journal - February 25, 2016

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If you're looking for one last ride, or walk, across the 90-year old Sellwood Bridge, you better act very, very fast. The structure will close to traffic tonight at 7 p.m. As such, the new $290 million Sellwood Bridge, adjacent to the old one, won't open until Tuesday, March 1.

Here, courtesy of Multnomah County (which oversees the Willamette River bridges), are a few tidbits about what's going on in coming days.

Real the full story on the Portland Business Journal's website

New Sellwood Bridge opens next week, slightly over budget after several setbacks

By Elliot Njus, The Oregonian - February 24, 2016

The new Sellwood Bridge opens to traffic next week, nearly — but not quite — ending what has been a long and bumpy road to replace the crumbling span. 

The project is already slightly over budget, and it's not finished yet. The eastside approach remains unfinished because of a temporary connection to the old bridge, used as a detour during construction. And the west end still lacks a direct ramp to southbound Macadam Avenue. The remaining construction should be finished by November. 

Read the full article on OregonLive.com

Bridge to Everywhere

By Joseph Gallivan, Portland Tribune - February 12, 2016

New Sellwood Bridge is more than concrete and steel, it's a triumph of citizen and contractor cooperation 

The first thing you’ll notice about the new Sellwood Bridge — either at the party for pedestrians on Saturday, Feb. 27, or when it opens to all traffic on Tuesday, March 1 — is how wide it is.

Gloriously wide, with good views of the water. The rickety erector set of the old bridge is still visible, for now, with its ankle-scraping three-foot sidewalk and its game of chicken roadway.

Read the full article on the Portland Tribune website

New Sellwood Bridge to open on March 1

By Jim Redden, Portland Tribune - January 19, 2016

Multnomah County plans to open the new Sellwood Bridge to traffic on March 1.

The old bridge, which has been serving as a detour across the Willamette River, will close to all traffic for four days beginning on Feb. 25. The closure will allow the contractor to begin dismantling the old bridge ahead of the opening.

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