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Student bridge models; A frame installation; tree removal

Field Work Update - April 27, 2012

Students and Sellwood Bridge model.

Students and Sellwood Bridge model.

Students Complete Sellwood Bridge Models - Perhaps the coolest thing that happened on the project this week involved a team of four high school students from the ACE Academy, a charter school in NE Portland that has a curriculum focused on architecture, construction and engineering. For their senior project, the students designed and built scale models of the existing and new Sellwood Bridges, including the detour structure.

Members of the project team who worked with the students were highly impressed by the professional quality of the models. The students participate in the Sellwood Bridge project’s school-based outreach program, which uses the bridge project as a learning opportunity for local K-12 schools.

On Thursday the students brought the six foot long models to the County Board meeting and explained how they did it. The models will be on display at a county building later this year. Congratulations to students Joshua Coon, Logan Evans, Ryan Kennell and Valerie Cecchini and their instructors for a job well done!

River Work

Installation of the tall “A” frame attached to the pier cap at Bent 19 is scheduled for May 9. A frames for the other detour bridge river piers will be installed this summer.

Westside Work

Tree Removal: Night-time tree removal work on the west side of Highway 43 has been completed. This week several trees within the loop ramp from the bridge to Lake Oswego were removed and scenic trees that will remain to the south were flagged for protection.

Trees that are removed will be replaced with native species during the project. For more information, visit http://www.sellwoodbridge.org/trees.

Eastside Work

Access for East Approach: Progress is being made on the land use permit the City of Portland needs to issue before this work can begin. The riverside path needs to be widened to bring in equipment to construct a column for the detour bridge.

Work Hours: Work hours in the next weeks are 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. weekdays.

For construction information, contact Mike Pullen, (503) 209-4111.