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Sellwood Bridge Project Field Work

Multnomah County Notice - June 30, 2011
  • On the west side of the river, there will be drilling this week and the week of July 5 - 8 in the gravel parking lot on the south side of the Staff Jennings parking lot.
  • Drilling in the river will begin the week of July 5 - 8 and is expected to continue for three weeks. Drilling in the river will continue at times through October.
  • Drilling can take place between 7:30 am and 5 pm Mondays through Fridays. (Update: Multnomah County is reviewing work hours allowed for field work. Watch the field work page for an update on field work hours.) There will not be any drilling on the Fourth of July.

Information about River Drilling

The river drilling equipment will be in barges that will be positioned at the locations of foundations for the new bridge and the detour bridge. In early summer, the drilling will collect data on the soils below the river.

In late summer, the project will conduct a test of the river piles that will be used to construct the detour bridge. In-water work on the detour bridge could begin as early as December 2011. The project has proposed to install six test steel piles in the river in September. The test piles will be left in place and used in the foundations for the detour bridge. They will be clearly marked to make them visible for river users.

When the new bridge is complete, the test piles will be removed along with the detour bridge.


An email list has been created in order to update Sellwood Bridge neighbors about upcoming field work. Our goal is to let neighbors know about field work around the bridge before it happens. To join the email list or for more information, please contact us and specify in the comment section that you would like to receive Construction Updates.