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Sellwood Bridge Field Work Notice - February 17, 2017

Hazard markers for old bridge pier that will be removed in summer 2017

Hazard markers for old bridge pier that will be removed in summer 2017

County crew installs safety edge to westside bike-ped bridge

County crew installs safety edge to westside bike-ped bridge

Repainting east bridge abutment

Repainting east bridge abutment

Field Work Notice - February 17, 2017

The Sellwood Bridge contractor is working on punch list tasks as construction wraps up.

Question of the Week: Why the hazard markers in the river? Several people have asked us recently about two hazard markers rising from an object in the river near the bridge.  The poles mark the location of a concrete river pier from the old Sellwood Bridge.  This pier could not be removed during construction of the new bridge so it will be removed during the in-water work period this summer.


Hwy 43: There will be brief traffic delays on Tuesday, Feb. 21 during non-peak hours in the through lanes under the bridge as workers in a manlift adjust overhead signs.


Interchange: This week the contractor completed concrete and asphalt patch repairs. Next week adjustments to fences and signs will be made.

On the Ground:  Next week minor corrections will be made to fencing, grading, signs, electrical items, concrete barriers, and grading in various areas.

Macadam Bay:  Irrigation and planting work was completed this week.  Next week minor corrections to signs and grading are scheduled.


Bridge:  The contractor will be patching concrete, adjusting fencing, and cleaning up in various areas through the first week of March.  Steel touch up work is in progress through March 10.


East Bridge Approach and Ground: Fence adjustments are planned next week.

Tacoma & 6th Signal: The City of Portland plans to change the phasing of the signal before spring break to provide more time to the primary east/west traffic movement on Tacoma St.


Weekday work hours are typically 7 am to 5 pm weekdays.  No weekend work is scheduled.

For More Information – Contact Mike Pullen at 503-209-4111.  For construction noise issues, call 503-988-4884.