Bridge Features: Public Art

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Video Summary: The City of Portland is providing funds for the project that have a Percent for Arts requirement. This means that the project will have some funds available for a public art feature. We've identified several areas of the project that could include this public art. They include a gateway treatment at the end of the bridge, artistic fencing, street furniture (benches), and pavement treatments that could apply to the multi-use path or the bike lanes.

Mike Pullen
Multnomah County

Description: The portion of project funding provided by the City of Portland comes with a Percent for Art component. This provides dedicated funding for public artwork that is separate from the Sellwood Bridge project budget. The funds are administered through the Regional Arts & Culture Council, which has a process for awarding grants to local and regional artists. A member of the Sellwood Bridge Community Advisory Committee will participate in the process of selecting artists for this project.

Default condition: There is no default condition for public art; it will be included proportional to the percentage of project funds provided by the City of Portland.

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