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Sellwood Bridge's move, set for Saturday, proceeding smoothly, contractors say

By Dana Tims, The Oregonian - January 18, 2013

The historic move of the 87-year-old Sellwood Bridge is already underway -- if, that is, the vertical aspect of the move counts.

Crews have already activated lifting jacks placed beneath the bridge's 10 weight-bearing points, hoisting the 1,100-foot-long steel truss about two and one-half inches off its concrete supports.

The horizontal "translation" of the bridge onto new, temporary supports just downstream from the existing alignment will get underway at about 8:30 a.m., Saturday.

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Sellwood Bridge Field Work Update: Day One of Bridge Closure

Crew building east tie-inGood progress was made today on the first day of the Sellwood Bridge closure.  Spans on either side of the truss span were demolished, work began on tying in the east approach to the detour bridge, and vertical jacking of the truss span began.  Weather conditions have been ideal for construction.

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Sellwood Bridge closure: Lessons from Thursday morning's slow commute

By Joseph Rose, The Oregonian - January 17, 2013

The traffic prophecy has been fulfilled. As predicted, the Sellwood Bridge's week-long closure started Thursday morning with traffic jams on just about every alternate route into Portland.

With thousands of Clackamas County and Southeast Portland drivers forced to find a different passage to work, the bumper-to-bumper chain reaction happened quickly.

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Sellwood Bridge closes Thursday for bridge move

Multnomah County Press Release - January 16, 2013

A week-long closure of the Sellwood Bridge will begin on Thursday, January 17 at 5 a.m. to allow a contractor to slide the main river span north to set up a detour bridge. The bridge is scheduled to reopen by 7 a.m. on Thursday, January 24. The public will use the detour span from late January until the new Sellwood Bridge opens in 2015.

The posted westbound detour routes during the closure are:

  • Northbound: Hwy. 99E to Ross Island Bridge to Hwy. 43
  • Southbound: Hwy. 99E to Interstate 205 (Abernethy Bridge) to Hwy. 43

Eastbound routes are the reverse. Congestion is expected on the north detour route during weekday commute hours. Travelers should plan their alternate route in advance and expect longer trips during the closure, especially on weekdays. Bicyclists may prefer the Hawthorne Bridge for the northern detour. A portion of the westside trail near the bridge and both lanes of Highway 43 will be re-routed during the bridge closure but will remain open at all times.

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