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Businesses Prepare For Week-Long Sellwood Bridge Closure

OPB - January 15, 2013

The Sellwood Bridge is scheduled to close at 5 a.m. Thursday. Workers will push the structure's steel deck sideways about 60 feet over the weekend. Then they'll reattach the deck to the road, so by the end of next week commuters  will be able to drive around the platform where the new bridge will be built. 

Business owners on either side of the bridge are pleased the closure is only scheduled for a week.  But some are still worried about the bottom line.

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Can you handle no Sellwood Bridge for a week?

Shannon L. Cheesman, KATU.com - January 15, 2013

Folks who regularly travel the Sellwood Bridge are going to have find a different way to get around for a week.

The bridge, which first opened to traffic in 1925, is getting replaced with a new one and this week crews will be sliding over the existing truss span to create a detour bridge that will be used during construction.

"It's probably one of the longest old bridges that's ever been moved, especially in this unusual way where it moves further from one end to the other," said Mike Pullen with Multnomah County. "We don't know if it's setting a world record."

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Sellwood Bridge will close in preparation for move

By Randy L. Rasmussen, The Oregonian - January 15, 2013

Work continued Monday at Portland's Sellwood Bridge in advance of its closure and planned move later in the week. The main bridge structure will be shifted over onto new supports to create a temporary detour bridge allowing a new bridge to be built in its old location. Workers shuttle across the Willamette River in a view looking toward the west end of the project.

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Sellwood Bridge to close for one week starting Thursday

FOX 12 Staff - January 15, 2013

Moving the 1,100-foot-long truss span to set up a detour bridge marks another milestone in the effort to replace Multnomah County's 87-year old Sellwood Bridge. Setting up the detour bridge will require the Sellwood Bridge to be closed to all users from 5 a.m. on Thursday to 7 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 24. The actual move is expected to take 12 to 16 hours on Saturday, starting at about 8:30 a.m.

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