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Arches installation: New Sellwood Bridge takes shape

By David F. Ashton, The Bee - May 1, 2015

“Today is a milestone for the Sellwood Bridge Project,” smiled Multnomah County spokesman Mike Pullen on Tuesday, March 31, while standing on the east-side work bridge. “As another steel arch segment is lifted into place, for the first time we now have a structure completely crossing the center of the Willamette River.”

The pelting rain and brief hailstorm that day didn’t dampen Pullen’s enthusiasm for the progress, as THE BEE again joined him for a tour of the work area.

In construction, supervisors measure a project in terms of “Critical Path” items, Pullen commented. “The completion of these three steel arches is the most important thing to keep us on schedule."

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Sellwood Bridge Field Work Notice for April 24

Curve in west approach transition to detour bridge

Curve in west approach transition to detour bridge

Field Work Notice - April 24, 2015


New Traffic Pattern on West Approach: The bridge reopened at midnight last Saturday, more than a day ahead of schedule, after the contractor shifted traffic onto the west end of the new approach. Bicyclists and pedestrians can now cross Hwy. 43 more easily. The timing of the traffic signal was adjusted after some initial traffic delays on Monday afternoon. Drivers experience a new curve at the west end of the bridge, so remember to travel under the 25 mph speed limit (see photo).

Tacoma Street:  Flaggers direct traffic near 6th Ave. and Tacoma St. when construction trucks are accessing the work zone on the north side of Tacoma St.

Hwy. 43 Lane Closures: Southbound lane closures are expected next week north of the bridge before 4 pm.

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Sellwood Bridge has reopened to traffic

Field Work Notice - April 19, 2015

The Sellwood Bridge reopened to traffic ahead of schedule at midnight on Saturday, April 18 after crews implemented a new traffic pattern for the next construction phase. The bridge was closed on Friday at 7 pm. Traffic was shifted onto a new section of the west approach during the closure.

Sellwood Bridge Field Work Notice for April 17

Center arch span with flasework April 2015

Field Work Notice - April 17, 2015


April 17 – 20 Bridge Closure: The bridge will be closed to all traffic (including bicyclists and pedestrians) from 7 pm on Friday, April 17 until as late as 6 am on Monday, April 20 while the contractor changes the traffic pattern at the west end of the bridge to prepare for the next phase of work. When the bridge reopens, traffic will use the new west approach, which will transition onto the detour bridge. This will allow construction of the ramp from the bridge to northbound Hwy. 43. Highway traffic will not be impacted by the bridge closure.

During the closure, Tacoma St. will be closed to through traffic at 7th Ave., due to work at 6th Ave. and Tacoma St. Tacoma St. can always be crossed at SE 7th Ave.

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