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Interchange work requires traffic changes

Constructing the new Highway 43 interchange with the Sellwood Bridge requires many work phases and traffic changes. The contractor is building a new two-level interchange while keeping 30,000 vehicles a day moving through the work zone. View a drawing of the completed interchange.

Traffic plan at Hwy 43 and bridge

Traffic plan at Hwy 43 & bridge.

Push buttons allow bicyclists and pedestrians to activate signals to safely cross the highway from the bridge to River View Cemetery and to cross lanes at the west end of the bridge.

Here are some of the recent and remaining milestones in completing the interchange:

  • May 9: Northbound Highway 43 through lane opens on lower level. Both through lanes are now open, eliminating the need for north and southbound through traffic to go through the traffic signal on the upper level.
  • End of August: Westbound bridge traffic will be able to turn left to access southbound ramp to Highway 43, eliminating the need to travel north and turn around at SW Taylors Ferry Road.
  • September: The turnaround at SW Taylors Ferry Road will be removed.

Temporary Traffic Movement Restrictions

  • River View Cemetery: Traffic exiting the cemetery to Highway 43 can cross the bridge eastbound or turn left to access northbound Hwy. 43.  The ramp to southbound Hwy. 43 will not open until late August.  Traffic headed southbound needs to travel north and turn around at SW Taylors Ferry Road.
  • Access to Southbound Highway 43 from Bridge: Westbound traffic across the Sellwood Bridge cannot access the ramp to Highway 43 south because the ramp is being built. Drivers need to travel north and turn around at SW Taylors Ferry Road to access Highway 43 south.

The video simulation to the right shows how the new interchange is constructed in phases to minimize closures.

Multnomah County is the lead agency for the Sellwood Bridge project. The interchange will be an ODOT facility after construction is completed in November 2016.