Bridge Features: Belvederes

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Video Summary: I'm Scott Thayer, I'm a member of the Community Advisory Committee for the Sellwood Bridge. I'm an architect with Ankrom Moisan Architects and representing the design community at large as well as South Macadam business interests and I'm a Sellwood resident. I've lived in Sellwood for 16 years.

I'm speaking about the belvedere features for the bridge. Belvedere comes from Italian meaning "beautiful view". These are viewpoints intended as pausing and resting points along the journey for cyclists and pedestrians crossing the bridge. There are wonderful views from the bridge especially north to downtown and Mt. St. Helens, so there will be people stopping and taking in the view, whether there is a good place for it or not, so from a safety standpoint I think it's a very valuable feature to have just to allow people to get out of the flows of the cyclists and pedestrians and really enjoy the view in a resting spot. From an experiential standpoint, that will enhance the experience of the cyclists and pedestrians to have that spot to rest and pause and take in the view.

From a purely design standpoint, the belvederes are a nice architectural accent that mark the pier points and emphasize the spring points of the arches and will enhance and affect the overall bridge design.

Scott Thayer
CAC Member

Description: Belvederes are overlooks built into the superstructure that function as places for cyclists and pedestrians to pause and rest while crossing the bridge. They also serve as safety features by providing people with opportunities to step out of the flow of traffic from other cyclists and pedestrians on the multi-use path. Belvederes are logical locations for benches, interpretive signage and decorative railing. There are four to six locations on the bridge where belvederes could be constructed.

Default condition: If no belvederes are included, the bridge would feature no overlooks or designated rest areas along the multi-use path.

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