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Sellwood Bridge plans advance, heralded by T-shirts

David Ashton, The Bee - July 1, 2012

It might look as if the Sellwood Bridge replacement project has stalled but looks can be deceiving.

Condominium work is about to begin, a trail is being widened, scaffolding is going up on the Sellwood Bridge columns, and Sellwood Middle School students presented their T-shirt artwork design to the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners in June.

Read the full article at The Bee

Sellwood Bridge off-ramp solution does right by Southwest Portland neighbors

Steve Duin, The Oregonian - June 30, 2012

The hodgepodge, just south of Willamette Park, is one of those classic Portland neighborhoods that screams, "Look what the cat dragged in."

Wedged into the throwback is a trampoline outlet, the hula hoops store and Gorge Performance, a surf shop that dates to 1983, when windsurfing was the rage at that bend in the river.

Read the full article at OregonLive.com

Willamette bridge construction, no-wake zone will slow river traffic, increase 'river rage' potential

Special to The Oregonian - June 15, 2012

Summer really will arrive one day soon, we promise. And when it does, authorities who patrol the Willamette River are braced for a big summertime headache.

Bridge construction at both ends of Ross Island and a relatively new slow-speed no-wake zone on the Holgate Channel will slow traffic on a stretch of river that normally churns with water skiers, wakeboarders and other pleasure-craft users on hot days and balmy evenings. Read the full article at OregonLive.com

County committee makes decision on new access road near Sellwood Bridge

Jonathan Maus, Bike Portland - June 8, 2012

The construction of the new Sellwood Bridge is already having some impacts on the nearby transportation network. As The Oregonian reported last month, a decision to relocate an access road to Highway 43 for the Macadam Bay houseboat community just north of the bridge "ignited a fierce debate".

At issue was where to put the estimated 200 cars that go between the houseboats and the highway every day. The county considered a myriad of options, but there was opposition to each of them. Of particular interest to readers of this blog is that the Willamette Greenway trail begins on SW Miles Place and runs parallel to Highway 43 in this same area. Also, as part of the Sellwood Bridge project, the trail will be improved and connected to the bridge.

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