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How Come TriMet Has Exactly Zero Routes That Use Our Beautiful, New Sellwood Bridge?

By Marty Smith, Willamette Week - January 17, 2017

How come TriMet has exactly zero routes that use our beautiful, new Sellwood Bridge? If you want go from, say, Milwaukie to Lake Oswego, you still have to go through downtown. Could we have at least one east-west route? —Austin

What a shocking oversight—you'd think the well-heeled machers of Lake Oswego would have descended on City Hall long ago, demanding that the unwashed hordes of Milwaukie be provided easier access to Lake O's manicured lawns, country clubs and insincere water sculptures.

Read the full article on Willamette Week's website.

No Fieldwork Update

January 16, 2017

Due to inclement weather, there is no field work notice for the week of January 9, 2017.

Sellwood Bridge Fieldwork Notice - January 6, 2017

Building sidewalk forms at end of SE Spokane St

Building sidewalk forms at end of SE Spokane St

Field Work Notice - January 6, 2017

As construction wraps up, the contractor is working on clean-up tasks throughout the project area.  The field work notice will focus on major work items rather than these clean-up tasks.


Hwy. 43: Next week permanent concrete barriers will be placed on the outside of the northbound lane under the bridge and a slope under the southeast interchange ramp will be restored, as the work zone is vacated.

Multiuse Path Bridge:  A protective barrier needs to be installed at the bottom of the fence on this bridge that will carry bicyclists and pedestrians from the regional trail under the main bridge to reach its south sidewalk.  County staff will install the barrier later this month after parts arrive. 

Trolley Corridor: A subcontractor has completed installation of the tracks along the trolley line between SW Miles St. and south of the bridge. Weather permitting, the track crossings at Macadam Bay driveway and the regional trail north of the bridge will be paved on Monday, Jan. 9. Raised warning domes for visually impaired pedestrians will be installed where the trail crosses the tracks near the bridge. The Portland Tribune ran this article about the return of the historic trolley service from Portland to Lake Oswego this summer.

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Willamette Shore Trolley could resume trips to Portland

By Anthony Macuk, Portland Tribune - January 2, 2017

Residents and train enthusiasts celebrated the return of the Willamette Shore Trolley three years ago, when Lake Oswego acquired a pair of vintage trolley cars from TriMet. Service had been suspended since 2010, after the city's two original trolleys broke down.

But one of the new trolleys is still being refurbished, and while the other has been operating since 2013, it's only been traveling as far as Powers Marine Park before heading back to Lake Oswego. Neither trolley has traveled all the way to the line's north end at the Bancroft Street station.

Now, that's about to change.

Read the full article on the Portland Tribune's website.