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Sellwood Bridge Field Work Notice for October 9

Aerial view of arch spans

Field Work Update - October 9, 2015

Major Traffic Change in November

The contractor is preparing for a major traffic change in early November, when the northbound lane of Hwy. 43 will shift onto the new interchange ramps and the southbound through lane will be routed under the new bridge (see diagram).  Shifting the traffic will create space for the contractor to build the second through lane under the bridge.

A traffic signal will be repositioned at the west end of the bridge to govern the new traffic flow.  Southbound traffic will use the right outside lane to access the bridge. Traffic headed to River View Cemetery will use a new entrance that lines up with the new interchange.

Watch for road signs and email updates about this traffic change tentatively planned for Nov. 7-8.

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Sellwood Bridge project approaches $317.5 million

By Tony Hernandez, The Oregonian - October 7, 2015

Multnomah County's Sellwood Bridge project is about to reach a milestone officials were hoping not to reach.

The estimated cost is $80,261 away from reaching $317.5 million, the high end of a reported cost that's driven by unexpected issues through the years, such as underwater drilling, traffic control and groundwork, according to records obtained by The Oregonian/OregonLive. Anything beyond $317.5 million means the cost will be split between the city of Portland and Multnomah County. 

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Sellwood Bridge: Acres of rebar

By David F. Ashton, THE BEE -October 2, 2015

In the same places THE BEE toured for last month’s pictorial on the surface of the new Sellwood Bridge, weeks later the concrete deck forms were covered with layers of cross-hatched rebar.

“This will probably be the first deck section to be poured,” remarked our tour guide, and the Multnomah County Sellwood Bridge spokesman, Mike Pullen, during a September tour of the project.

All that rebar felt to us like stepping out on a giant mattress box spring! Our tour continued, stories below the deck, on the east-side work bridge

Read the full article on PortlandTribune.com.

Sellwood Bridge Field Work Notice for September 30

Pouring concrete for NE ramp parapet wall on west side

Field Work Notice - September 30, 2015


The project team wishes to acknowledge the traffic congestion that impacted many motorists in the project area this week.  Construction impacted commuters more than normal and problems on alternate routes added to the congestion. Traffic flow should improve next week after major paving work is complete.

  • Construction will impact traffic on the bridge, Tacoma St. and Hwy 43 through Sunday, Oct. 4.  Hwy 43 lanes are closed between the bridge and SW Taylors Ferry Road during paving and work near the entrance to Freeman Motors and Macadam Bay. One of the four highway lanes is closed during peak commute hours and two lanes are closed during off-peak daytime hours.  Traffic flow should return to normal after lanes are striped on Sunday, Oct. 4. Drivers should expect delays and consider alternate routes such as the Ross Island Bridge and SW Taylors Ferry Road and SW Terwilliger Blvd.
  • By Monday, Oct. 5, bicyclists and pedestrians will follow the right shoulder of Hwy. 43 between the bridge and SW Taylors Ferry.  The offroad regional trail between the bridge and SW Miles Place will open in 2016.
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