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Sellwood Bridge bikeway design still in flux

By Jonathan Maus, Bike Portland - March 9, 2016

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The final design of the bike lanes on the new Sellwood Bridge might not be what you expected. And that’s good or bad news depending on your perspective.

It turns out the bike lanes could be a different color and size than initially planned.

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Sellwood Bridge Field Work Notice for March 4

Anna Kafoury cuts ribbon to open the new Sellwood Bridge

Anna Kafoury cuts ribbon to open the new Sellwood Bridge

Field Work Notice - March 4, 2016


The last week was very eventful for the project.  Several thousand fans of the old bridge turned out for a farewell candlelight walk on February 25, the night it closed forever.  Two days later an estimated 10,000 people turned out to celebrate the opening of the new bridge.  On February 29, the bridge actually opened to traffic. The first morning it was open, a woman drove her pickup truck westbound on the six-foot wide temporary path for bicyclists and pedestrians until it was stopped by the concrete barrier.  It was a strange first day for Portland’s newest Willamette River bridge.  


  • The outside southbound lane of Hwy. 43 is sometimes closed north of the bridge between 7 am and 4 pm on weekdays.
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Drone captures sweeping view of Sellwood bridge, old and new (video)

By Teresa Mahoney, Oregonian - March 1, 2016

Portland aerial videographer and photographer, Clifford Paguio, captured a bird's-eye-view of the Sellwood bridge, old and new, via drone.

Watch on OregonLive.com

New Sellwood Bridge opens to traffic February 29 at 8 p.m.

Posted March 1, 2016

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The new Sellwood Bridge opens to traffic Monday, February 29 at 8 p.m.  The old bridge closed on February 25 so that the contractor could remove the jump span that connected it to the new bridge and prepare the new bridge for traffic. The contractor was able to reopen the bridge 10 hours ahead of schedule.

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